We've been buying and selling new cardboard boxes and used cardboard boxes for over 60 years.

We provide complete range of packaging solutions and cardboard displays as well!


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We offer over 500 styles and sizes of new cardboard boxes or used cardboard boxes for Packing, Shipping, and Storage of your products. Available in Small, Medium, or Large quantities at a third of the cost of new cardboard Boxes.

Whether it be for Storage or for Shipping merchandise to your clients, suppliers, or distribution centres, B.BOX™ has everything you need, such as Quality Used or New boxes, Bubble Wrap, Loose Fill, Polyethylene Foam, Packing Tape, Packing Paper,

Palette Wrap, Corrugated Carton Rolls, and much more!

Our various partnerships with major manufacturers in Quebec allow us to produce packaging to your specifications at very competitive prices.

We are making sure our boxes be the most logical choice for your budget and environmental concerns.. You have questions visit our FAQ or contact us!

Our Personalized Service assures that you will find exactly what you need, when you need it